Another Onam is upon us. Some pics from an Onam few years ago...

Desert Safari in Dubai

Some of the photographs taken while out on Desert Safari in Dubai...

This is default featured slide 3 title

This image will be replaced with one of mine.. Jay

NSS Chemistry Rogues

When the gang caught up after a long time on 4th Nov 2010 at Ottapalam

Paathiramazha Etho

A melancholic number from Ouseppachan. Originally rendered flawlessly by Yesudas and Chitra in their own versions, this one is an audacious attempt.

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Beautiful- Mazhaneer thullikal...

Dear friends, I sing a song.. a "Beautiful" song... just for horror!! This the the melody "Mazhaneer thullikal..." from the film Beautiful.  The song has great lyrics ( by Anoop Menon, also one of the protagonists) and saw Unni Menon making his presence felt after a short gap. 

The movie has a fresh, honest and unpretentious air to it, which makes it appealing. Played with subtlety and intelligence by its stars, the film has a positive energy, considering that we would expect a lot of emotional trauma from such a subject.  

The song ‘Mazhaneer thullikal’ from this film is sure to reverberate in our ears for a long, long time.  Here's my version..the perfect song for the monsoon
Mazhaneer Thullikal..

Movie Name: Beautiful (2011) | Original Singer(s): Unni Menon, Thulasi Yatheendran
Music Director: Ratheesh Vegha | Lyrics: Anoop Menon
Check out the lyrics here
Watch it here

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pranayam- Paattil ee Paattil...

Vishu Release from me, this... :-) This song was one of the highlights of Blessy's film "Pranayam", a soulful film which had a good story to tell. M Jayachandran came up with wonderful orchestration for this song penned by ONV. The song is a gentle sea breeze. Shreya Ghoshal rendered the female version of this song and P Jayachandran the male version.

Here's my pale version:
Paattil ee Paattil..

Movie Name: Pranayam (2011) | Original Singer: Shreya Ghoshal, P Jayachandran | Music Director: M Jayachandran | Lyrics: ONV Kurup

The original song can be found here (as in film): You Tube

If you want to hum along, here're the lyrics:

Paattil ee paattil iniyum nee unarille
oru rappadi padum... eenam kettathille
panineer pookkal choodi ee raavorungiyille
ennenjiloorum ee pattil iniyum nee unarille

saagaram maarilettum kathiron veenerinju
kathare ninte nenjil eriyum sooryanaaro
kadalala thudu niramaarnnu nin kavililum arunima poothuvo
pranayamorasulabha madhuramaam.... nirvrithi
Ozhukum Pattil ee pattil iniyum nee unarille

aayiram ponmayooram kadalil nrithamaadum
aayiram jwalayayi kathiron koodeyaadum
pakaloli iravine velkkumee mukilukal paravakal vazhthidum
pranayamorasulabha madhuramaam.... nirvrithi
kulirin koottil ee koottil iniyum naam anayille
oru rappadi padum... eenam kettathille
panineer pookkal choodi ee raavorungiyille

As usual, suggestions & comments awaited.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Resuming my assault on music, after some time....This time I have selected a hit song, a Kannada one at that- ninnindale from film Milana. Mano Murthy and Sonu Nigam combination has created magic in several songs, including this one. Sonu Nigam won Filmfare Award for Best Male Playback Singer for this song in the year 2007. Hope you will like my version. My sincere apologies to my Kannadiga friends for any pronunciation errors- "swalpa adjust maadi" :-)

Ninnindale by Ruminations

Movie Name: Milana (2007) | Original Singer: Sonu Nigam | Music Director: Mano Murthy | Lyrics: Jayanth Kaikini

The original song can be found here: MusicIndiaOnline and the video here: Youtube. For those who want to check out the lyrics, go here

I am attempting a song after a long time. This was recorded using the gadget H2 Handy Recorder, a recent import from US :-)

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Jobs’ Stanford speech

You would have seen this by now many times over and even read the transcript of this amazing speech.  Nevertheless, adding it here as it is worth visiting time and again.


Although I have never been an Apple Fanboy (not just because Apple has always treated India with high handed disdain and cold indifference since its inception) or owned an Apple product to date, there's no denying that Steve Jobs was an inspiration and visionary to friends and foes alike!  RIP

Friday, April 01, 2011

G-mail Motion- Are you game?

Would you go through all this trouble to send me an e-mail?  Google certainly thinks so.

Now you can control G-mail with your body- Google has introduced G-mail Motion.  You can try it by clicking “Try Gmail Motion” button in that page.  Google says it is easy to learn and will increase your productivity.  You can check out some of the sample gestures here.

According to Google, it will be healthy and fun.  Methinks it will be fun for the onlooker.  What we accomplish with mere fingers would need a whole body- and with not quite good results.

Images Courtesy of: Google