Saturday, June 02, 2012

Beautiful- Mazhaneer thullikal...

Dear friends, I sing a song.. a "Beautiful" song... just for horror!! This the the melody "Mazhaneer thullikal..." from the film Beautiful.  The song has great lyrics ( by Anoop Menon, also one of the protagonists) and saw Unni Menon making his presence felt after a short gap. 

The movie has a fresh, honest and unpretentious air to it, which makes it appealing. Played with subtlety and intelligence by its stars, the film has a positive energy, considering that we would expect a lot of emotional trauma from such a subject.  

The song ‘Mazhaneer thullikal’ from this film is sure to reverberate in our ears for a long, long time.  Here's my version..the perfect song for the monsoon
Mazhaneer Thullikal..

Movie Name: Beautiful (2011) | Original Singer(s): Unni Menon, Thulasi Yatheendran
Music Director: Ratheesh Vegha | Lyrics: Anoop Menon
Check out the lyrics here
Watch it here



Vinod said...

I liked it...Cheers, VV. Keep it going!